Michelle K





      You‘ve just opened a website about my music and my photography - my two joys. I have devoted much time to both of them within my whole life, actually since my childhood. As the life has been going on I was sometimes close and deep in and sometimes just going around these two themes picking up the experience and impulses for further work.

    Now I compose music, write lyrics, sing and play my songs with  piano. I like photographing people, face expressions, man’s stories and details of nature.

     I was born in the year of the  Dragon and my star sign is Gemini, I believe in goodness and love, and I don’t believe things happen by accident.

     If only my music and photography made you happy and filled you with  joy.


Foto: Michelle K

Foto: Alena Chmelová

Foto: Michelle K



Michaela Klobušická Mgr. 

singer/musician and photographer

( allias Michelle K. )


Jablonec nad Nisou

Tel:  +420 608 981 113

e-mail: michaela.klobusicka@gmail.com

FB:  @icanseeyourbeauty


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